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The Anne Frank travelling exhibition in New Zealand



Boyd Klap

During the last three years 2018 – 2020, 103,754 people have visited the Anne Frank travelling exhibition in New Zealand. In addition to that 21,471 students have visited the exhibition. This is partly the result of the training of peer guides who take their fellow students through the exhibition. 

A total 419 students have been trained as peer guides.

This all is most heartening as we must fight all forms of discrimination, which includes antisemitism but also bullying.

We now look forward to continuing the exhibition and 2021 and 2022 are practically fully booked, as follows:

Motueka - Motueka District Museum 11/11/2020 - 28/02/2021

Napier - St Pauls Presbyterian Church 11/03/2021 -12/06/2021

Nelson - Provincial Museum 01/07/2021-15/09/2021

Timaru - South Canterbury Museum 03/02/2022 -1/5/2022

Gisborne - Tairāwhiti Museum 12/5/2022 -24/07/2022

Rotorua Library TE AKA MAURI 04/08/2022 - 23/10/2022

The translation of the Anne Frank diary into te reo Māori

This diary is called ‘Anne Frank Te Rātaka a Tētahi Kōhine’ and has been very well received by the Māori community.
320 diaries have been freely distributed to all NZ high schools. This is an interesting merging of Jewish and Maori cultures which will continue over the years.

Te Rātaka a Tētahi Kōhine

(The Diary of a Young Girl)

(In te reo Māori), Anne Frank, translated by Te Haumihiata Mason, 2019

The Anne Frank memorial site

The Anne Frank memorial at Ellice Park in Wellington

The 15 kowhai trees have been planted to remember Anne Frank’s short life and the 75 Kowhai have been planted to remember the years she never enjoyed.

We are currently discussing the type of structure which will be most representative of Anne Frank’s life.

It will be a fitting memorial to recognize her amazing life.




Boyd Klap CNZM QSO Commandeur Oranje Nassau was the initiator of the New Zealand Netherlands Foundation and its chairman for 21 years. He was also the first chairman of the New Zealand Netherlands Federation.

Since 2009 he has chaired the Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition in New Zealand and Australia and will continue for 2021 and 2022 which now has 3 projects.


The Anne Frank travelling exhibition in New Zealand

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